Coffee Ceremony for the Soul!

The coffee ceremony is one of the most important social occasions in the Ethiopian and Eriterian community. To be invited to a coffee ceremony is a sign of respect and friendship.

So how does it work?

Traditionally, women, often dressed in traditional garb, first wash green coffee beans before roasting—some would say burning—them over hot coals. Then roasted coffee is then coarsely ground by hand in a mortar and pestle. The coffee and water are then mixed together in the jebena, which is placed directly in the hot coals until steam purs from the jebena's spout. 

Outside of Ethiopia, women are still most likely to conduct the coffee ceremony but with slight modification. Instead of roasting on hot coals, we will probably do it on our kitchen stovetop. And instead of grinding by hand, we will most likely use a grinder. 

Mimo's Coffee Ceremony 

Our coffee ceremony provides a shared spiritual experience for all attendees with the techniques mentioned above. Our first popup will be at the Black Girl Green House this Sunday, where you will get an opportunity to join us. You will also receive a special discount on our coffee to take home. Make sure to purchase a ticket and book a time that works best for your schedule! 

Cancellation Policy

Due to COVID 19, we are taking extra precautions by offering a selected amount of tickets per session. At this time, once a ticket is booked, we won't be able to provide a refund if the request is coming under 3 days of the event date. We thank you for understanding! 

 We will update you here for the next pop-up!